How does works?

The GoCall service can only be used from the 3 Mobile Network in Ireland. For all other networks this service is not available.

Call the shortcode mentioned on the GoCall website and you will be connected to an automated menu system, where you can dial the international number you would like to call. You will not be charged for your international call - you will only be charged the published tariff for the access number. These costs will be charged by 3 Ireland. 


Follow the steps below to make your cheap international phone call:

  1. Check menu on welcome page to ensure the destination country is available
  2. Call the access number associated with that country
  3. Follow the automated instructions
  4. Dial the international phone number you would like to call, followed by # (example: 0035123456789#)

We recommend three things

  1. Try our service yourself first!
  2. Put our number in the Address book of your mobile phone under GoCall!!
  3. Tell all your friends about our service!