Below you can see the answers on our frequently asked questions. If you have an other question which has not been answered below, feel free to contact us via email.

Are there any unforeseen cost I should know about?

No, there are none. You will only pay the costs for calling our access number. These costs will be charged by your mobile operator 3 Ireland.

What quality do you guarantee?

Like any other telecom operator we are not able to guarantee that you will always have a connection. This can depend on many factors, including the amount of traffic and the availability of the person you are trying to reach. However, we will do everything in our power to offer exceptional service.

Can anyone make calls via this service?

Only customers of 3 Ireland are able to use this service. If you are not a customer of 3 Ireland you can request a SIM on www.three.ie or go to a 3Store to get one. You must own a 3G handset to be able to avail of this service.

Do I have to register to use this service?

No, when you are a customer of 3 Ireland, you can use this service right away. We do not believe in registration processes or using difficult PIN-codes. We keep it simple and cheap.

Is there a limitation in the number of times I can use your service?

No, you are allowed to make as many as calls as you would like. However, to prevent misuse of our service, we will disconnect your call after 60 minutes. You will be warned by special tones when you approach the 60 minute mark. After we have disconnected the call you will be able to set up a new call.