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Calls can only be made from a 3 mobile whilst on the 3 network, and calls made whilst roaming nationally and internationally are barred.

Discover how easy this is to use! Just dial the number and stay in touch with your family and friends overseas!

1.Find the country in the list.
(For example: Select the destination Germany from the drop down menu. Germany's access number is 1520 323 003. Dial this number and wait for instructions.)

2.When prompted, dial the number you wish to call with "00" and the country code, press '#' key and wait to be put through, its that easy.(Do not press the green button on your phone when you type in the destination number.)

You will not be charged for your international call - you will only be charged the published tariff for the access number.

Bangladesh China France India Poland Spain Thailand

Select the destination you want to call from drop down menu below:

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Access Number Per minute

Rates include VAT. The rates stated are based on dialling from a 3 mobile phone.